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Conservatorship is designed for adults who require the most assistance with making decisions regarding health, finances, housing, employment, etc.  A person who receives these services is assigned a Conservator Representative (CR).


A CR acts on behalf of the court appointed conservator, which is the said agency, Good Samaritan Providers Inc. CRs are assigned a caseload of individuals who are within a close proximity, so they are never too far to cater to a client’s specific needs.  CRs are liaisons between agencies, institutions, the conservator and circles of support. A CR is an advocate for the people they serve.

Supported Decision


Supported Decision Making, which is a less restrictive alternative to conservatorship or guardianship, will introduce the role of a Personal Advocate (PA).


PAs are assigned a caseload composed of individuals who require some assistance with making decisions regarding health, finances, housing, employment, etc. The PA supports the client’s decision, making sure their views and choices are always heard and made top priority.


As advocates for adults with IDD and mental health issues, our mission is to promote independence by creating employment opportunities, improving social and daily living skills through education, connecting individuals to resources available in their communities

We are actively involved in our communities and serve on committees that promote wellness and mental health awareness. We work diligently with other organizations to assist in implementing our services effectively and appropriately.

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